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A. Sets Chapter Exam Instructions. If you like this resource, then please rate it and/or leave a comment. Q. What is the difficulty level of SET exam 2021? Q. These short objective type questions with answers are very important for competitive exams as well as Board exams. Yes, you can download SET previous sessions' question paper. Show your work whenever appropriate for full credit. Q. A. Q. Q. The medium of SET question paper is English. A. Name_____ Math 102 . I also make them available for a student who wants to do focused independent study on a topic. Shiksha brings you a compilation of the best books to read for SET exam, Symbiosis Entrance Test is a . �u�Q��y�V��|�_�G� ]x�P? 1. A. Q. 1. Download previous year SET question papers and sample papers. 4 CS 441 Discrete mathematics for CS M. Hauskrecht Equality Definition: Two sets are equal if and only if they have the same elements. Candidates can work on their weak areas and try to strengthen them, Candidates will get an insight into the SET exam pattern, It will increase the speed and accuracy of the candidates which will help them on the exam day, Candidates will come across different tricks to solve lengthy questions while practicing, Candidates will be able to solve all kinds of questions, easy, difficult and lengthy, Download the PDF file and save it on your computer. Candidates need to mark the right option. 1.Write the following {0, 1, 2, …, 10} in set-builder notation Yes, SET exam does not have to be attempted choronologically, hence the sections can be attempted according to candidates' preference. How to Download SET Question and Sample Papers? Select a course of your interest: Important BBA Entrance Exams You Should Not Miss, Sectionwise Strategies to Prepare for BBA Entrance Exams, Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET) 2021 is likely to be conducted in the first week of May 2021. I usually print these questions as an A5 booklet and issue them in class or give them out as a homework. These short solved questions or quizzes are provided by Gkseries. SET question paper has four sections, i.e. MIT College of Management, MIT Art Design and Technology University, Alliance School of Business, Alliance University, Top Private Engineering Colleges in India, Top Fashion Designing Colleges in Bangalore, Top Fashion Designing Colleges in Delhi/NCR, Human Rights & International Humanitarian Law, Top Hotel Management Colleges in Hyderabad, Top Mass Communication Colleges in Mumbai, Top Mass Communication Colleges in Kolkata, Trends in Arts ( Fine / Visual / Performing ), > All Accounting & Commerce Specializations, > All Teaching & Education Specializations, SET Books 2021: Check best books for exam preparation, SET Centres 2021: Check State wise Test Centres List, SET (B) results 2020 have been announced; check the scores now, Slot booking for SET (B) is ending today; book now, SET (B) slot booking window open; book now, SET (B) will be now be conducted in Internet-based test mode (IBT) from July 26 to July 29; check details, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Solving the SET sample papers will help the candidates in recognising their strengths and weaknesses. Practice Test 1- Sets . A. Tell me about yourself. There will be a total of 150 questions in the SET exam. Hence, it is not possible to download the question paper after the exam. SET exam has multiple choice questions with four options each. By continuing to browse the site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Symbiosis Entrance Test 2021 will be conducted in the first week of May 2021. "�Wk��αs�[[d�>7�����* !BP!����P�K*�8 �� ��..ؤȋ29�+MJR:��!�z2׉I 9�A�cZ� ��sIeІ�O5�Rz9+�U�͂�.�l���r8\���d�Vz ��-1���N�J�p�%�ZMn��͟�k����Z��Q����:�l �9���5�"d�|���#�MW���N�]�?�g;]�����.����t������g��ܺSj�ڲ��ܥ�5=�n|l�Ƥy��7���w?��dJ͖��%��ŽH�E1/�گ�u�߰�l?�WY�O��2�mZ�'O 77 0 obj <> endobj A) 40 B) 20 2. Refer to the diagram to answer the questions below. Strong answers here will help to set the tone and direction of the interview as a whole. C) 30 D) 10 Answer:- n(C U T) = 90; n(T) = 65, n(C) = 35 So n(C U T) = n(C) + n(T) – n(C ∩ T) = 90 = 35 + 65 – n(C ∩ T) n(C ∩ T) = 100 – 90 = 10 so option number (D) is right. Q. (A ∩ B)’ or A’ B’ A ∩ B’ iii) Only Region 1 is shaded. SET exam has does not have sectional timing, however, solving SET sample papers will increase candidates' speed and accuracy. Can I solve the Quantitative Aptitude section first? H�[}K�`G���2/�m��S�ͶZȀ>q����y��>`�@1��)#��o�K9)�G#��,zI�mk#¹�+�Ȋ9B*�!�|͍�6���-�I���v���f":��k:�ON��r��j�du�������6Ѳ��� �h�/{�%? Important FAQs Related to SET Question Paper. SET is held in computer-based test mode. • Russell’s answer: theory of types – used for sets of sets. SET exam has no sectional timings. It gives the candidates an insight into the type of questions, topics and the difficulty level of the SET question paper. A. How many sections are there in SET question paper? endstream endobj 81 0 obj <>stream SET is conducted by in about 80 cities across India. iv) Regions 1 and 4 are shaded. Q. A. will be conducted in Computer-based Test mode (CBT) and candidates have to visit the allotted test centre to give the exam. SET 2021 will be held in the first week of May so the candidates need to have a focussed plan for one-month preparation. Q. Candidates can choose th. 93 0 obj <>stream A. No electronic gadgets are allowed in the exam hall including calculators, mobile phones, watches, etc. How many marks will be deducted for skipping a question? h�b```f``�d`b``Kg�e@ ^�3�Cr��N?_cN� � W���&����vn���W�}5���>�����������l��(���b E�l �B���f`x��Y���^F��^��cJ������4#w����Ϩ` <4� �M�,� S)���r����� Use them for practice and improve your speed and accuracy. Free download in PDF Set Theory Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for competitive exams. Get tips on how to prepare for SET in one month, here. ����,wi����f��C�>�g�I�$To1$W>6��x�/���2&R�����M$W����R1Ԁ1�)�p!#�L���ZL������p.=��|�f �����|Jm���`�r��KP΄��E�c����p�j��e֝�Y*�etf���H6/�C�#A��c�$cV�T�����8�u$�|�>feJ1��ѡ� ���ZZ�nzvj����sT��Izԥ�@��9T1�0�/���Z�$��Znb�~D�J�����v )��P��d��lT9s. hޤV[o�0�+�q{`���H��UZ;Ԡu�! Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research... Get our experts to answer your questions within 24 Hrs. *�1��'(�[P^#�����b�;_[ �:��(�JGh}=������]B���yT�[�PA��E��\���R���sa�ǘg*�M��cw���.�"M޻O��6����'Q`MY�0�Z:D{CtE�����)Jm3l9�>[�D���z-�Zn��l���������3R���ٽ�c̿ g\� We will also send you insights, recommendations and updates, SCMS Pune - Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, SCMS Noida - Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies. SET is a gateway to the Symbiosis Institutes for admission into the BBA programme. What set notation would you use to represent the following regions? Example: • {1,2,3} = {3,1,2} = {1,2,1,3,2} Note: Duplicates don't contribute anythi ng new to a set, so remove them. Copyright © 2020 Info edge India Ltd. All rights reserved. h�bbd``b`�$�C�`���@�+#��#1�Ɗ *� Solving SET question paper will give you a deeper understanding of the SET exam pattern and the type of questions and their difficulty level. SET exam centre will be decided by the exam conducting body. General Knowledge, General English, Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude. What type of questions are asked in the SET exam? SET question and sample papers give candidates an understanding of the SET exam pattern. Give a clear, concise and compelling outline of who you are and what you’ve achieved. endstream endobj startxref A. Can I download SET previous years' question paper? Let your interviewer see something of your personality and interests, and explain to them why you believe that you’re the person they’re looking for. No, marks will be deducted or awarded for skipping a question in SET question paper. Benefits of SET Question and Sample Papers 2021. 83 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<7699FE2A76498BA3504AB9257FEAFED9>]/Index[77 17]/Info 76 0 R/Length 53/Prev 67195/Root 78 0 R/Size 94/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream A. Question (1):- In a group of 90 students 65 students like tea and 35 students like coffee then how many students like both tea and coffee. Trade Marks belong to the respective owners. Q. endstream endobj 78 0 obj <> endobj 79 0 obj <> endobj 80 0 obj <>stream SET exam has does not have sectional timing, however, solving SET sample papers will increase candidates' speed and accuracy. The order of the elements in a set doesn't contribute anything new. This exam is conducted for the multiple courses. What is the sectional time limit in SET exam? The difficulty level of SET exam is moderate. %%EOF We use cookies to improve your experience.

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