rimac c two

While a pair of single-speed gearboxes apply drive to the front wheels, a pair of two-speed gearboxes - again, one for each rear wheel - allow the C_Two to make use of its prodigious torque to produce both mind-blowing acceleration and a true hypercar top speed. [4] Unveiled at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, it is the automaker's second car after the Rimac Concept One and is described as a significant technological leap, dubbed "a car alive with technology". A new breed of hypercar. A secondary screen displays the car’s current functionality direct to the passenger via a dedicated ‘co-driver’s display’, overlaying on-board datalogging to the screen graphics – a sophisticated semi-gaming experience not seen before in a production car. It incorporates the company’s signature ‘tie’ design on the flanks, finessed to suit the car’s dramatic proportions. A situation made possible by the car’s generous range of 550 km (WLTP Cycle). Timeless, elegant styling, with form respecting function, the C_Two is completely new and yet unmistakably Rimac. Unveiled at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, it is the automaker's second car after the Rimac Concept One and is described as a significant technological leap, dubbed "a car alive with technology". Active flaps modify this effect to make the C_Two exceedingly efficient at managing the air it moves through, while channeling cool air to the battery pack cooling systems. At full capacity, the facility should produce 4 vehicles per month and currently plans to produce an additional 13 prototype vehicles by the end of 2020. [23], Jonathan Lopez of Top Speed magazine acclaimed the C_Two stating that "it is an absolute game changer, and not just in the EV segment. [22] The car features an entirely new design and does away with the conventional doors, now incorporating butterfly doors instead. [8] The C_Two was sold out almost three weeks after its launch. With every wheel and button milled from billet aluminium, the experience of interaction in the C_Two is profoundly satisfying. [26], Electric sports car manufactured by Croatian automobile manufacturer Rimac as a successor to the Concept One, permanent magnet synchronous electric motors, List of electric cars currently available, List of modern production plug-in electric vehicles, https://www.poslovni.hr/hrvatska/rimac-otvorio-novu-tvornicu-da-bi-2021-poceo-isporucivati-c_two-4237436, "Rimac unveils the 1,900 HP Concept Two electric hypercar", "What's new at the Geneva Auto Show: A Croatian hypercar, an electric Porsche, and more", "Rimac C Two electric hypercar shocks Geneva with 1,914 horsepower", "The New 1,914-HP Electric Hypercar From Rimac Hits 60-MPH in an Insane 1.85 Seconds", "Rimac će 150 novih C_Two prodati za 255 milijuna eura", "Rimac C_Two Shocks Geneva With 1,888 HP, Goes 0–60 In 1.85 Seconds", "$2.1-Million Rimac C_Two Almost Sold Out Three Weeks Since Debut", "Rimac founder pushes hypercar maker to become a Tier 1 supplier", "The Rimac C Two Is A Semi-Autonomous Electric Monster With 1,914 HP And Facial Recognition", "The Rimac C_Two is the electric hypercar of your dreams", "Rimac's new electric car does 0–60 in 1.85 seconds, packs 1,914 horsepower", "The Rimac C Two's 0–60 Time Is Dumbfounding", "Rimac's new electric car does 0–60 in 1.9 seconds, packs 1,914 horsepower", "C_Two electric concept vehicle from Rimac Automobili", "Rimac C_Two is a next-gen EV hypercar from Croatia", "Rimac's new supercar goes from 0–60 mph in an insane 1.85 seconds", "The Rimac C_Two is a 258mph self-driving electric hypercar", "Rimac C_Two: 1914 HP and a 1.85-Second 0–60 Time", "Rimac Concept Two electric hypercar is not a Tesla Roadster killer its a PETROL killer", "The Rimac C_Two Electric Hypercar Is Richard Hammond-Proof", https://www.topgear.com/car-reviews/ctwo/first-drive?fbclid=IwAR2Vi-9LbonmIBdCNwr8pVmoLVI7sp7DlqMXgj3wV9FHZqVTQHsb7XDFDi0, "Rimac's Concept Two is a soulless speed demon you unlock with your face", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Rimac_C_Two&oldid=985568110, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 18:00.

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