refoss vs meross

licable on desktop/laptop PCs. ("Okay Google, good morning" will trigger your morning scene). As far as I know, there will be an auto close feature in the next Nov 2019 update. There is a button in the lower right-hand corner that looks like a pen and paper, but it’s not immediately clear what it does (it starts and email draft to support). It's rugged, weather resistant, easy to use/control, and it has status lights that are easy to see and understand from a distance. Meross smart adapter also can remind you if the garage door has been left open for a while and shows the current status in the app; unlike regular security sensor that can only trigger the alarm without providing any additional status. Order, again, does not matter. Though all the plugs we tested had no problem with a light sprinkling of water, the safest smart plug in the world cannot protect you, especially if you're using an extension cord that's not meant to be used outdoors. We’ll see. Make sure that you have a good extension cord and that it's in good shape if you're running power to outdoor lights or anything else far from the outlet. By doing this you will send a control signal and your garage door should begin to open or close depend on its current position. However if you got a bit more time, you definitely can do more cable management and it’ll turn out a lot better than my work here. We put this plug to the test in Florida’s hot, humid, and sometimes rainy climate with no issues. While it didn't block the second socket, the cover couldn't close down safely over the cord. This plug is very responsive, easy to use during set up and testing, and we love that we could see at a glance whether both outlets are turned on thanks to prominent indicator lights. Sarah Kovac is an award-winning author and smart home editor for Reviewed. On another note, I have to find a way to stop this from happening again or I’m really pushing this marriage. Copyright © 2017-2020 Meross Technology Limited. Now if you are super handy and can truly figure out the meaning of life and everything else, there are a few work-around methods explained in the review section of Meross product page on Amazon. Just came across your website , and I might have some paid work for…, I have been trying this for a couple of days now, but my drill bits aren’t able to drill into…. Aside from the fact that it doesn't have dual outlets, we really have no complaints. It's rugged, weather resistant, easy to use/control, and it has status lights that are easy to see and understand from a distance. *The wire that’s hanging out of the smart adapter ⑤ with a red plug is to connect to the sensor component ②. That has been going on for several months. The Meross outdoor smart plug is what an outdoor smart plug needs to be. All you have to do is plug the device into a standard outdoor socket and boot up the companion app. Rachel Murphy covers smart home for Reviewed. Yeah! If you are not sure, use a tiny double-sided tape for both parts then manually open and close the garage door to test for any problems first. The Geeni app requires you to log in using your cell phone number, which might turn some people off. So plenty of room to play around. Turned out, because I had our truck backed in the driveway for loading and all of us were too excited for the trip, nobody remembers clearly whether I closed it or not after we left. It does have a notch that allows it to hang from a nail or screw but doesn't have energy monitoring, a plug cover, or dual outlets. The app will walk you through the creation of scenes to turn your plug on or off with ease, but we didn’t find the setup process to be as intuitive in the Geeni as it was in Meross. Compatible with Alexa, Google Voice, IFTT now with Smartthings support coming in Nov 2019. Since our outdoor outlet has two sockets, we could plug more than one thing at a time. Reviews, Firstly, please visit to download the latest firmware on your PC. The unboxing process was extremely fast and uneventful –under 1 minutes even– which I surprisingly enjoyed in comparison to many fancy unboxings we did before. It took about a total of 30 minutes to install and setup both. --, Meross Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener Adapter MSG100. The drawback is it might not be compatible with older garage door opener unit, hence this immediate compatibility check is neccessary. After spending a few weeks with the best outdoor smart plugs, we are confident that the Meross MSS620 Outdoor Smart Plug (available at Amazon for $24.99) is the best one you can buy.

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