rc booster v1 vs v2

I have both v1 and v2. Production of the RC Booster (Version 1… Xotic RC booster in my opinion is the pinnacle of clean boost. The wide-range EQ controls are superbly voiced to allow perfect tailoring of your sound without coloring your tone … The Xotic RC Booster-V2 provides you with super-transparent 20dB boost without altering your carefully crafted tone. The RC Booster is one of the most transparent pedals I have ever plugged into. The Xotic RC Booster was first introduced in 2002 in an effort to offer guitar players a super transparent clean boost while preserving the integrity of their original tone. Take advantage of the +/-15dB … Xotic also make the heralded RC Booster, which puts the EQ knobs on the top and adds a Gain knob, an entirely separate second gain channel, and like the EP, can be run at 18 volts. Switching over to Advanced Logic … Running the V1 Gen2 in All Bogies Mode (A mode) or Logic Mode (l mode), the V1 Gen2 outperforms other detectors like the Max 360c, Redline EX, Pro M, and V1 Gen1. The options of having bass, treble and gain may this extremely versatile. And V2 offers an added gain channel for extra fatness.

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