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Leaderboard Guides Resources Website Streams Forum Statistics Sub-games. The PS1 game utilized Sony’s Japan-only ‘fat’ case that Sony would use for games with manuals and inserts that couldn’t fit into standard jewels. Two of the most interesting being a quasi turned-based RPG racer (yeah, you read that right) called Initial D Another Stage on the GameBoy Advance and of all things an Initial D typing tutor on the PS2 alongside the actual PS2 Initial D Special Stage racing game. The stand-out for this version is the game’s unique CGI, somehow even worse than what appeared in the first television series. Instead, we’ll look at two of the earliest titles in the series released on both the Saturn and PS1. Так что придется не только педаль газа жать в … More Initial D console games would release in the 1990s and 2000s. Not a terribly impressive rendition. Stronger opponents simply go quicker when their rubber band AI kicks in. Again, the issue with both of these games and more so the Saturn version is there were already plenty of better arcade-genre racing titles out there, and while a popular Initial D was still relatively new. Most of the narrative sequences are obviously 3D created scenes, but there’s no movement. ( Log Out /  The Saturn version is a much easier playing game overall. Here though the drift model is actual decent, more so than in drift-focused racing titles. It was very much a product of the time at the absolute height of the amateur Japanese drift craze, while consequently having a narrative that was seemingly stuck in said time period while taking a tremendous amount of time to finish (The original story is only supposed to take place roughly over a year and a half worth of time, however the series went on for so long that it’s creator had to introduce more modern vehicles to retain relevancy.). A lot of very minor characters also show up periodically, including Natsuki and the Takahashi’s younger cousin mentioned in a small segment of panels with Ryosuke. Being that this Initial D game was developed when the only source was the manga, the game takes a good deal of liberties in character & vehicle colors and overall it’s narrative has a lot of unique aspects for the title. Initial D is a manga by Shuichi Shigeno which has been serialized in Kodansha's Young Magazine since 1995. It’s a very odd look. Personally considering the PS3 Initial D game can be played region free if you absolutely have to have a home console Initial D game I would buy it. Crash Bandicoot. They follow a very direct path and ultimately only sand bag based on whom you’re racing. Игра Initial D на Ps1 Initial D это игра про японских drift рейсеров. It’s at times creepy and all the while it’s atypical CGI of the time. There are currently no replacements for these should the case be damaged or cracked. Initial D remains a rather popular manga & anime series in the racing -genre, despite having been created initially in 1995 and ending some twenty years later. The game was developed by Genki, at the time well-known for developing racing titles on the Super Famicom and Sega Saturn. However like other Saturn titles there are goodies to look out for, such as the spine card and a cool sticker with the Initial D logo. Both games having detailed narrative sequences may have taken away from the racing aspects and details. As far as collectability, both of these titles are getting more difficult to find complete and keep in mind unless your console(s) are modded or you use a swap/cartridge method you would need a Japanese market console. It’s gameplay? Initial D remains a rather popular manga & anime series in the racing -genre, despite having been created initially in 1995 and ending some twenty years later. It’s the only rain-setting race in the game – the setting is not selectable from any menus – and the darkness combined with a hazy fog make seeing in front of you impossible. The series’ popularity gives it a popular arcade series of titles releasing every few years in Japan and subsequently releasing elsewhere around the world, with a constant stream of character goods and a recent ‘remake’ in the forms of movies. While I’m assuming most everyone reading this knows the gist of the story, it’s about a teenager who develops drifting skills while delivering tofu for his father’s business and gets caught up in a lot of street racing. It has been adapted into a long-running anime series by Pastel, Studio Gallop, OB Planning, Frontline, Gainax and A.C.G.T which premiered in Japan on Fuji TV and Animax, and a live action film by Avex and Media Asia. Yet despite this the game only has THREE courses, one less than the Saturn. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Draw distance is incredibly short, and the course feels like it’s animating in front of you as you drive. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Initial D titles on both consoles and in the arcade have been criticized for their driving models that don’t actually focus on the act of drifting a car. The company’s titles were primarily games based on MotoGP and a series of street racing games called Shutoku Battle [首都高バトル], the later of which would come to the United States in various forms as Tokyo Xtreme Racer. Then in select scenes, you will see mouths and eyes move with the narrative. As it sourced a lot of material from the manga most of the character models and artwork is simply colored manga assets, whereas vehicles and locations in cut scenes are 3D modeled. An even more interesting title was a planned Nintendo DS racer called Initial D EX, created by Sega Rosso that eventually was cancelled due to unknown reasons. The PS1 game is very dark and it can be difficult to see what’s ahead of you on a TV unless you really kick up the brightness. Гоняться вам придется на узких и извилистых горных дорогах. It’s story is roughly to the point of the Team Emperor battles in the manga, and ends with a mock race between Takumi and his father Bunta in two AE86s. The draw distance is much better than the Saturn, and it doesn’t give a sense of the course building itself in front of you.

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